Marmot Trestles 15 21260-2422-Reg-LFT Women's 20 Degree Polyester Sleeping Bag

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An image of Marmot Trestles 15 21260-2422-Reg-LFT Women's 20 Degree Polyester Sleeping Bag | Expert Camper
  • Made with a plush bottom
  • Designed to compress easily
  • Women's cut has extra insulation by your extremities
  • Polyester absorbs sweat
  • Mummy shape limits different sleeping positions
  • Camping sleeping bags are not suitable for hiking
Product Description

Use the Marmot Trestles 15 Women's 20 Degree Polyester Mummy Sleeping Bag to stay warm in the outdoors. This women's Marmot sleeping bag has extra insulation at the feet and torso as women generally have naturally lower body temperatures than men. This sleeping bag has a polyester shell, which resists UV light, shielding you from harmful sun rays, and a polyester lining, which is breathable and comfortable on your skin and does not get as hot as other fabrics during the night. Featuring a mummy shape, it is made with excellent warmth-to-weight ratio, since it is fitted so there isn't extra fabric, reducing the weight and making it more comfortable to carry.

Ideal for winter, this sleeping bag will shield you from extreme temperatures. It has Spirafil insulation, which combines large, hollow fibers with small, polyester fibers to create a blend of durability, warmth, and softness. This sleeping bag is designed for camping and is lightweight, making long days out on the trail easier to handle. It is waterproof, making it a good fit for rainy environments. It can withstand 20°F temperatures, designed for warmth when outdoor temperatures are in the 20s or above. This sleeping bag features a plush bottom, so you won't feel the bumps on the ground beneath you. With a compressible design, it does not take up all the space in your bag so you will have sufficient room to bring along other essentials. It features an easy access tab, so it has a convenient design to make it effortless to get in and out quickly.

Product Information
Brand Marmot
Model Number 21260-2422-Reg-LFT
Model Name Trestles 15
Liner Material Polyester
Seasons Winter
Temperature Rating 20°F
Use Camping
Shape Mummy
Sleeping Bag Size Single
Intended User Women's
Color Blue
Comfort Plush
Convenience Features Easy access
Technology Features SpiraFil
Weather Defense Mechanisms Waterproof
Weight 4 pounds