Alps Mountaineering Drifter 4500436 30 Degree Polyester Sleeping Bag

4.9 by user reviews

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  • Made to be compact, getting rid of the bulk
  • Designed to compress easily
  • Lightweight construction
  • Polyester traps sweat inside the sleeping bag
  • Rectangular shape is not very insulated
  • Camping sleeping bags are heavier than hiking bags
Product Description

You'll want to learn all about the Alps Mountaineering Drifter 30 Degree Polyester Rectangular Sleeping Bag to discover what sets it apart from all the other sleeping bags on the market. This sleeping bag features a polyester shell and a polyester lining, which is breathable and comfortable on your skin and doesn't get as hot as other fabrics during the night. It has a rectangular shape, which is built with extra space, so you can comfortably move around in a variety of sleeping positions. It is made to be compact and has a compressible design, so your sleeping bag will not take up a lot of room, leaving you with enough space to bring along your other gear. This sleeping bag is ideal for camping and is lightweight, making long days out on the trail easier to tackle. It features a 30°F temperature rating, which is ideal for cold summer nights or springtime use, keeping you warm in temperatures above freezing. It detaches via zippers, so you can split it into two separate sleeping bags.

Product Information
Brand Alps Mountaineering
Model Number 4500436
Model Name Drifter
Liner Material Polyester
Temperature Rating 30°F
Use Camping
Shape Rectangle
Sleeping Bag Size Single
Accessibility Detachable/attachable via zippers
Warranty limited lifetime warranty
Weight 5.1 pounds