Coleman Dunnock Cold Weather SS-SMS-765711 Men's 20 Degree Cotton Flannel Sleeping Bag

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  • Machine washable
  • Made with a plush bottom
  • Roll control tab keeps the sleeping bag straight
  • Rectangular shape is bulkier than other shapes
  • Camping sleeping bags are bulkier than hiking bags
  • Cotton exterior is heavy
Product Description

Before purchasing the Coleman Dunnock Cold Weather Men's 20 Degree Cotton Flannel Rectangular Sleeping Bag, it's important to learn more. This sleeping bag is designed with a cotton flannel lining and has a cotton exterior, so you won't overheat, as it's very strong, highly porous, and doesn't absorb sunlight. It can be machine washed, so you can easily clean it at home to ensure your bag stays in the best condition. This sleeping bag has a rectangular shape, which is ideal for those who like a bit of extra room.

Featuring Thermolock technology, this sleeping bag reduces heat loss through the zipper since it has an extra layer of insulation along the opening. It has a 20°F temperature rating, designed for warmth when outdoor temperatures are in the 20s or higher. It features a plush bottom, so you won't feel the bumps on the ground beneath you. Suitable for winter weather, it is built with durable materials that are highly insulated which withstand extra cold temperatures. It is lightweight and is designed for camping, giving you the necessary protection to comfortably sleep outdoors after the temperatures drop at night. It is made to be easy to pack, so it can be folded into a practical size to save space in your bag. This sleeping bag has a roll control tab, which keeps the sleeping bag straight while packing it up. It has a zipper guard, which prevents snagging by surrounding the zipper with extra material on either side.

Product Information
Brand Coleman
Model Number SS-SMS-765711
Model Name Dunnock Cold Weather
Liner Material Cotton flannel
Seasons Winter
Temperature Rating 20°F
Use Camping
Shape Rectangle
Sleeping Bag Size Single
Intended User Men's
Cleaning Features Machine washing friendly
Comfort Plush
Convenience Features Roll control, Easy to pack
Durability Features Zipper guard
Technology Features ThermoLock
Weight 7.28 pounds