Western Mountaineering Ponderosa MF Sleeping Bag

3.1 by user reviews

An image of Western Mountaineering Ponderosa MF Sleeping Bag | Expert Camper
  • Barrel shape increases warmth
  • Single size sleeping bags have good insulation
  • Comes in navy to add style to your overnight trips
  • Barrel shaped sleeping bags can be hard to fit into a backpack
Product Description

Use the Western Mountaineering Ponderosa MF Barrel Sleeping Bag to stay warm and cozy in the outdoors. This sleeping bag has a barrel shape, which is tapered from top to bottom, increasing thermal efficiency while still giving you a comfortable amount of room to move around. It detaches via zippers, so you can easily split your double bag into two individual ones.

Product Information
Brand Western Mountaineering
Model Name Ponderosa MF
Shape Barrel
Sleeping Bag Size Single
Accessibility Detachable/attachable via zippers
Color Navy