Snugpak Sleeper 2+ Nylon Sleeping Bag

3.9 by user reviews

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  • Lightweight construction
  • Nylon lining will remain at a comfortable temperature
  • Nylon ripstop exterior is light and comfortable
  • Nylon can bleach easily
  • Mummy shape restricts different sleeping positions
Product Description

Before purchasing the Snugpak Sleeper 2+ Nylon Mummy Sleeping Bag, it's important to know more about its different features. This sleeping bag has a nylon lining and is designed from nylon ripstop shell fabric, so it resists wear and tear. With a mummy shape, it is made with excellent warmth-to-weight ratio, since it is cut closely so there is no extra fabric, cutting down on the weight and making it easier to carry. It is lightweight, making it great for hiking or traveling long distances on foot. Suitable for 2 seasons, it will keep you comfortably warm, while still allowing for proper ventilation on your camping trips during the late spring, summer, and early fall.

Product Information
Brand Snugpak
Model Name Sleeper 2+
Liner Material Nylon
Number of Seasons 2 season
Shape Mummy
Sleeping Bag Size Single
Weight 3.53 pounds