Kelty Cosmic 20 Polyester Taffeta Sleeping Bag

4.5 by user reviews

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  • Zipper guard prevents the fabric from tearing
  • Electric-heated liner reduces coldness around the torso and feet
  • Mummy-style hood traps body heat
  • Mummy shape limits sleeping positions
  • Polyester exterior is not great for extreme weather camping
  • Electric-heated liner can have faulty wires
Product Description

Choose the Kelty Cosmic 20 Polyester Taffeta Mummy Sleeping Bag to stay warm in the outdoors. This Kelty sleeping bag has a polyester exterior, which deflects UV light, protecting you from harmful sun rays, and a polyester taffeta lining, which does not retain water, and dries out quickly if it comes in contact with water. With a mummy shape, it is made with excellent warmth-to-weight ratio, since it is fitted so there isn't extra fabric, reducing the weight and making it more comfortable to carry on your back. It is suitable for backpacking, so it is compact and easy to fit in your pack, making it comfortable to carry no matter the distance. This Kelty sleeping bag features an electric-heated liner, which delivers warmth where its needed most, eliminating cold spots by the torso and feet. It uses Dridown technology, so the insulating down clusters will remain protected from moisture. This 3 season Kelty sleeping bag is best suited for summer, spring and fall trips. Its hood has a mummy style, so it will keep your head and neck extremely warm, since only your mouth and nose will be left exposed. This Kelty sleeping bag is equipped with a zipper guard, preventing the material from getting caught when opening and closing the zipper.

Product Information
Brand Kelty
Model Name Cosmic 20
Liner Material Polyester taffeta
Number of Seasons 3 season
Use Backpacking
Shape Mummy
Sleeping Bag Size Single
Color Blue
Durability Features Zipper guard
Hood Type Mummy-style hood
Technology Features DriDown technology