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Our team has gathered, researched, and analyzed information on hundreds of various types of sleeping bags in order to suggest our highest rated sleeping bags on the market. We then further sub-categorized them and looked more specifically at 3 different Sierra Design summer sleeping bags. In our research, we took into consideration a large variety of different main features among the 28,000 different data parameters and combined it with customer reviews to inform you of the top Sierra Design summer sleeping bags available. But don't just take our word for it, check out the benefits and disadvantages of some of the main specs.

Choosing a the perfect brand is important when you're considering a new Sierra Design summer sleeping bag that will meet all your camping requirements. We've outlined everything we think you should know about Sierra Design to help you make a decision. The company was established in 1965 and has been working to bring comfort and quality to outdoor enthusiasts ever since. Sierra Design has an extensive line of sleeping bags, so whether you're looking for something to use for summer backpacking or winter car camping trips, it has tons of options depending on your outdoor needs. Sierra Design sleeping bags are sold at affordable to mid-range prices, so shoppers who aren't looking to spend too much will be able to find something they love. They are available online and in stores, so you can experience the best of both worlds, whether you like shopping from the comfort of your home or prefer trying the options out yourself. The company has a rigorous testing system to ensure they meet EN standard ratings, which helps consumers to figure out a baseline performance level for a sleeping bag. Sierra Design specializes in making tents, backpacks, and outdoor apparel in addition to sleeping bags. Having won the Editor's Choice Backpacker Award 2018, Sierra Design is always striving to make exceptional quality products for its customers. The company has award-winning products such as the Cloud 800 sleeping bag, which is highly rated by consumers. Sierra Design has partnered with Moosejaw to strengthen the brand's reach and test their gear in the most professional manner. With this new insight on Sierra Design, let's discuss Sierra Design summer sleeping bags.

These sleeping bags have a breathable design, preventing condensation from building up on the inside. They are less expensive, so if you don't plan on using your sleeping bag during colder months, you can save money and buy one that is good for warmer weather. Summer sleeping bags have a lighter design, with plenty of extra space to bring other gear. They feature ventilation options for warmer nights, so the upper part can be folded down if you get overheated.

Our Top Ranking Sleeping Bags
Best Overall Score
An image of Sierra Design Zissou Polyester Taffeta Sleeping Bag

Let's review the Sierra Design Zissou Polyester Taffeta Mummy Sleeping Bag, a popular choice among online shoppers. With a mummy shape, this Sierra Design sleeping bag is tight fitting to prevent cold air pockets. It has a polyester taffeta lining, which does not retain water, keeping the fabric from getting too wet, and a polyester shell, which will deflect UV light, shielding you from harmful sunlight. This Sierra Design sleeping bag works well for camping trips, offering cozy warmth without adding a lot of weight. Suitable for summer, it is extremely thin and airy since it does not need as much insulation as winter or 3 season versions.

    • Polyester taffeta lining is UV-resistant
    • Polyester exterior is strong and colorfast
    • Designed especially for warm summer temperatures
    • Mummy shape has a tailored fit which may not be comfy for all campers
    • Camping sleeping bags are not suitable for hiking
    • Polyester shell is not very durable
Runner Up
An image of Sierra Design Nitro 800 Sleeping Bag

Let's review the Sierra Design Nitro 800 Mummy Sleeping Bag, a popular choice among online shoppers. This sleeping bag is suitable for hiking and is lightweight, making it great if your number one priority is low volume and weight. With a mummy shape, it is made with excellent warmth-to-weight ratio, since it is very fitted so there is no extra material, reducing the weight and making it more comfortable to carry on your back. Designed from nylon ripstop shell fabric, it is durable, so it will not wear out after extended exposure to rough terrain. Great for summer, it is very thin and breathable since it doesn't require as much insulation as winter or 3 season sleeping bags. This sleeping bag has Dridown technology, which uses many short fibers to properly trap heat, while giving off a silky feel that is comfortable.

    • Lightweight construction
    • Nylon ripstop exterior will resist wear and tear and potential holes or rips
    • Designed especially for summer weather
    • Mummy shape limits different sleeping positions
Additional Picks
An image of Sierra Design Zissou 650 Women's Polyester Sleeping Bag

Before purchasing the Sierra Design Zissou 650 Women's Polyester Mummy Sleeping Bag, it's important to know more about it. This Sierra Design sleeping bag has a mummy shape, sealing in your body heat since it is very fitted. It features a polyester exterior and a polyester lining, which is light and soft on your skin and doesn't heat up as much as other materials during the night. It works well for camping trips and is lightweight, so you can take it on all your adventures without being weighed down. This women's sleeping bag gives more insulation at the feet and torso as women generally are naturally colder than men.

This Sierra Design sleeping bag is waterproof, resisting moisture and keeping you dry in damp conditions. This 3 season sleeping bag is good for summer, so you can stay comfortable with increased airflow during the warmer months. It has a zipper guard, keeping the material from snagging in the zipper. This sleeping bag uses Dridown technology, so the insulating down clusters will remain protected from moisture.

    • Zipper guard keeps the fabric from snagging
    • Women's design has extra padding by your extremities
    • Features lightweight construction
    • Polyester traps sweat inside the sleeping bag
    • Mummy shape is only suitable for back sleepers
    • Camping sleeping bags are not suitable for hiking
If You Need Help Making Your Choice, Here's Some Additional Information About Sierra Design Summer Sleeping Bags:
Which Liner Material Is Best for Your Sierra Design Summer Sleeping Bags?
Polyester Sleeping Bags

There is only one Sierra Design summer sleeping bag that has a polyester liner. These sleeping bags are naturally hypoallergenic, so they are ideal for allergy sufferers. They are easy to clean, so with just a damp cloth and a little soap you can keep them in great shape. Made with breathable material, they won't stick to your skin or make you feel overheated on warmer nights. Polyester sleeping bags are extremely durable to withstand wear and tear. They dry quickly, so even in the wettest conditions, moisture will not soak the fabric. Now that you know a bit more about polyester, choose the right one for you here.

Polyester Taffeta Sleeping Bags

Looking for a durable sleeping bag? A sleeping bag with a polyester taffeta liner may be the solution you want. For your convenience, we recommend one of the great Sierra Design summer sleeping bags that come with a polyester taffeta liner. Polyester taffeta sleeping bags are breathable, so heat is distributed evenly, making them suitable when the weather forecast is unpredictable. They are very comfy, ensuring your child receives a good night's sleep after a long day adventuring in the outdoors. Now that you're more familiar with polyester taffeta, take a look here.