Coleman Dexter Point 2000018127-Parent Men's Polyester Sleeping Bag

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  • Machine washable
  • Made with a plush bottom
  • Quick cord for convenient one-person packing
  • Polyester absorbs grease
  • Mummy shape is close fitting with no extra room to move around
Product Description

With the Coleman Dexter Point Men's Polyester Mummy Sleeping Bag, you can experience an incredible night's sleep while on your weekend away. This sleeping bag has a polyester lining, which is a synthetic material that is very strong and colorfast. It has a mummy shape, sealing in your body heat since it is tight fitting. It can be machine washed, so you can easily clean it at home to ensure your bag stays in the best condition.

This sleeping bag has a plush bottom, so you won't feel the bumps on the ground beneath you. It has Thermolock technology, which reduces heat loss through the zipper, by including an added layer of insulation along the opening. It features a roll control tab, which keeps the sleeping bag straight while packing it up. This Coleman sleeping bag is designed to be easy to pack, making it easy to roll up and fit in your bag. It features a quick cord, designed for convenient one-person packing.

Product Information
Brand Coleman
Model Number 2000018127-Parent
Model Name Dexter Point
Liner Material Polyester
Shape Mummy
Sleeping Bag Size Single
Intended User Men's
Cleaning Features Machine washing friendly
Comfort Plush
Convenience Features Quick cord, Roll control, Easy to pack
Technology Features ThermoLock