Marmot 21520-2740 Kids 30 Degree Polyester Sleeping Bag

4.5 by user reviews

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  • Designed to compress easily
  • Zipper guard prevents the material from catching
  • Kids design is easy to use
  • Polyester can stain easily
  • Mummy shape restricts different sleeping positions
  • Polyester shell is not so durable
Product Description

If you're looking for a sleeping bag for your kids, you will want to consider the highly rated Marmot Kids 30 Degree Polyester Mummy Sleeping Bag. This kids Marmot sleeping bag keeps children warmer as there is not as much extra room in the sleeping bag for their body heat to warm up. Featuring a mummy shape, this Marmot sleeping bag is fitted to prevent cold air pockets. It has a polyester lining and a polyester shell, which deflects UV light, preventing the color from fading.

This Marmot sleeping bag can withstand 30°F temperatures, keeping your kids warm on colder summer nights. It is lightweight, making it easy for kids to carry with them. It features Spirafil insulation, which combines large, hollow fibers with small, polyester fibers to create a blend of durability, warmth, and comfort. Easy to compress, it will fold up compactly, leaving your kids a lot of room for all their other essentials. It has an easy access tab, so your kids don't need to struggle to get into or out of their sleeping bags. It is equipped with a zipper guard, preventing the material from getting caught in the zipper. It includes an interior pocket, so your kids will have a spot to conveniently store their small essentials, such as a watch.

Product Information
Brand Marmot
Model Number 21520-2740
Liner Material Polyester
Temperature Rating 30°F
Shape Mummy
Sleeping Bag Size Single
Intended User Kids
Convenience Features Easy access
Durability Features Zipper guard
Storage Interior pocket
Technology Features SpiraFil
Weight 2.56 pounds