Kelty Tru.Comfort Kids Polyester Taffeta Sleeping Bag

3.0 by user reviews

An image of Kelty Tru.Comfort Kids Polyester Taffeta Sleeping Bag | Expert Camper
  • Kids cut is simple to use
  • Polyester taffeta lining is UV-resistant
  • Polyester exterior is strong and colorfast
  • Mummy shape requires you to sleep on your back
  • Polyester shell is not so durable
  • Kids can grow out of their children's sleeping bag quickly
Product Description

If you're looking for a sleeping bag for your children, you will want to consider the highly rated Kelty Tru.Comfort Kids Polyester Taffeta Mummy Sleeping Bag. This kids sleeping bag will keep your kids warmer as it is smaller and easier for their body heat to circulate. This sleeping bag has a mummy shape, which is larger on top and more tapered by the feet, keeping warm air close to your kid's body. It features a polyester exterior, which will deflect UV light, protecting your children from damaging sun rays, and a polyester taffeta lining, which doesn't retain water, keeping the fabric from getting too wet. It features Cloudloft™ insulation, which will trap body heat by combining hollow core and solid core fibers to create a unique insulation type.

Product Information
Brand Kelty
Model Name Tru.Comfort
Liner Material Polyester taffeta
Shape Mummy
Intended User Kids
Color Camo
Technology Features Cloudloft™ Insulation
Size Dimensions 5 ft.