Sea to Summit Talus TS II Nylon Sleeping Bag

3.1 by user reviews

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  • Designed to compress easily
  • Lightweight build
  • Nylon lining will remain at a comfortable temperature
  • Nylon can fade easily
  • Mummy shape is close fitting with no extra space to move around
  • 4 season sleeping bags tend to be heavier
Product Description

With the Sea to Summit Talus TS II Nylon Mummy Sleeping Bag, you can experience a great night's sleep while on your weekend away. This Sea to Summit sleeping bag features a nylon lining, which will feel light and soft and will remain at a comfortable temperature. It has a mummy shape, sealing in your body heat since it is tight fitting. Featuring a compressible design, it packs easily into a hiking backpack or overnight bag. This sleeping bag has 2D Nanoshell, which provides a high level of wind and water resistance in order to prevent moisture from soaking through the fabric. This 4 season sleeping bag is thermal, so you can stay toasty warm all night. It is made for backpacking and is lightweight, making it great for hiking or traveling long distances on foot. It comes with a laundry bag. This sleeping bag has a compression bag, which will make packing up your bag hassle-free. It detaches via zippers and includes an interior pocket, so you can store your important items, such as your flashlight.

Product Information
Brand Sea to Summit
Model Name Talus TS II
Liner Material Nylon
Number of Seasons 4 season
Use Backpacking
Shape Mummy
Sleeping Bag Size Single
Included Accessories Laundry bag, Compression bag
Accessibility Detachable/attachable via zippers
Storage Interior pocket
Technology Features 2D Nanoshell
Weather Defense Mechanisms Thermal
Weight 2 pounds