Top Single Hammock Sleeping Bags for 2019

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We have collected, researched, and analyzed information on hundreds of various types of sleeping bags in order to recommend our top ranked sleeping bags on the market. We then further sub-categorized them and looked more specifically at 4 different single hammock sleeping bags. In our research, we took into consideration a large variety of different key features among the 28,000 different data points and combined it with customer reviews to inform you of the top single hammock sleeping bags available today. But don't just take our word for it, check out some of the pros and cons of some of the main specs.

When trying to decide on your next single hammock sleeping bag, there are some important things you'll want to know about. Hammock sleeping bags are made to turn your hammock into a comfy and insulated sleeping area. Well-insulated, they will keep you warm on chilly nights, without sacrificing free movement. They come in a compact design, giving you packing space for the variety of supplies you may need on your trip. They are designed to be compact, so you don't have to spend time in the morning trying to get it to fit in your bag. Single sleeping bags weigh less than double sleeping bags, so if you don't need a lot of sleeping space, they are better for carrying less overall weight. They have enough space for one, providing excellent heat efficiency to the sleeper inside.

Our Top Ranking Sleeping Bags:
Our Top Ranking Sleeping Bags
Customer Rating
Customer Rating
Alps Mountaineering
Best Overall Score
An image of Naturehike Nylon Ripstop Sleeping Bag

Get ready for your next trip with the Naturehike Nylon Ripstop Mummy Sleeping Bag. This Naturehike sleeping bag has a mummy shape, sealing in your body heat since it is very fitted. It is made with a nylon ripstop exterior and features a nylon ripstop lining, resisting tearing due to strong reinforcement fibers that are woven through the fabric. Suitable for winter, it can withstand harsh weather and continue to keep you warm and comfortable. With a hammock design, it fits around the entire hammock, keeping you warm and comfortable.

This Naturehike sleeping bag features a compressible design, leaving you enough extra space to take along your other essentials. It works well for hiking trips and is lightweight, so it won't hurt your shoulders to carry. This Naturehike sleeping bag has a zipper guard, preventing the fabric from snagging when opening and closing the zipper. Its hood has drawstrings, which allows you to adjust the tightness depending on the weather and your own preference. This Naturehike sleeping bag features a compression bag and a stuff sack, which will keep your bag organized.

    • Designed to compress easily
    • Zipper guard prevents the fabric from snagging
    • Drawstring hood provides added cushion by the head
    • Mummy shape is very fitted with no extra room to move around
    • Stuff sack can damage the sleeping bag's filling after prolonged use
    • Hammock sleeping bags can be hard to zip
Runner Up
An image of Alps Mountaineering Cinch 4701442 40 Degree Nylon Sleeping Bag

With the Alps Mountaineering Cinch 40 Degree Nylon Rectangular Sleeping Bag, you can experience an incredible night's sleep while on your weekend away. This sleeping bag is lightweight and is perfect for camping, offering cozy warmth without adding a lot of weight. It has a rectangular shape and a hammock design, so it surrounds the entire hammock, providing you with proper insulation and comfort. This sleeping bag features a nylon lining and is made with a nylon ripstop shell, so it resists wear and tear.

This Alps Mountaineering sleeping bag can withstand 40°F temperatures, keeping you warm on colder summer nights. It is designed to be compact and has a compressible design, leaving you enough extra space to bring along your other gear. This sleeping bag uses Techloft Micro-Insulation, so you will have maximized insulation and warmth because of tiny, silicone-coated, micro-denier fibers. It has a stuff sack, designed for easily fitting your sleeping bag into your backpack with the rest of your equipment.

    • Made to be compact, getting rid of the bulk
    • Compresses easily
    • Stuff sack provides a spot to store loose items
    • Nylon can fade easily
    • Rectangular shape is bulkier than other shapes
    • Camping sleeping bags are not suitable for hiking
Additional Picks
An image of Snugpak Hammock Cocoon 61710 Sleeping Bag

If you're looking for a new sleeping bag, you might want to consider the highly rated Snugpak Hammock Cocoon Sleeping Bag. This Snugpak sleeping bag features a hammock design, so it will provide extra padding and warmth, preventing you from freezing because of bad insulation on the underside of the hammock. Featuring a compressible design, it will fold up very small, giving you ample room for all your other essentials. It allows you to easily get in and out, so it has a comfortable opening that makes it effortless to get in and out quickly. This sleeping bag has a stuff sack, which is the perfect size to store any small items.

    • Designed to compress easily
    • Stuff sack provides a place to store loose items
    • Single size sleeping bags have good insulation
    • Stuff sack can damage the sleeping bag's insulation if used for too long
    • Hammock sleeping bags can be difficult to secure
An image of Sea to Summit Traveller TR1 071XLL-Parent Sleeping Bag

Before purchasing the Sea to Summit Traveller TR1 Sleeping Bag, it's important to learn more. This sleeping bag is designed for summer for maximizing ventilation to keep you cool during warm weather. With a hammock design, it surrounds the whole hammock, keeping you warm and comfortable. It detaches via zippers, so you can easily split your double bag into two individual ones. This sleeping bag is lightweight, making long days out on the trail easier to tackle. Featuring a compressible design, it does not take up all of the usable space in your backpack so you will have enough room to bring along other equipment. It comes with a laundry bag and features a compression bag, which will make storing your sleeping bag super easy.

    • Compresses easily
    • Lightweight construction
    • Suitable for summer temperatures
    • Hammock sleeping bags can be hard to close
Still Need Some Help Making Your Choice? Not Sure Which Single Hammock Sleeping Bag to Purchase?:
Which Shape Is the Best for Your Single Hammock Sleeping Bag
Rectangular Sleeping Bags

Trying to pick the ideal rectangle sleeping bag for you? We'll help you make your decision by giving you some information that you need. With a spacious design, rectangular sleeping bags are suitable for those who like a bit of extra room to stretch out. They accommodate varying sleeping positions, allowing you to sleep in any position you choose. Rectangular sleeping bags feature double zippers, making them very versatile, doubling as a blanket or attaching to another sleeping bag for combined body heat on extra cold nights. However, they are not very heat-efficient, allowing the cool air to circulate since they have a more spacious design. Moreover, they are quite heavy, so they aren't convenient for when weight is the top priority. Think you know which shape is right for you? Then why not start by looking at this great product.

Mummy Sleeping Bags

Deciding on the right mummy sleeping bag for your next outdoor adventure? We'll help you make a more informed choice by giving you the facts. These sleeping bags weigh less than rectangular bags, so you won't have to sacrifice some warmth for weight. One downside is that they provide less space to move around, making them uncomfortable for sleepers who toss and turn. A plus is that they are good for cold weather, so they are designed to hold in warmth and keep out drafts. Now that you have this information on mummy sleeping bags, check out this single hammock sleeping bag to see if it's what you need.

What Kinds of Liner Materials Are Available for Single Hammock Sleeping Bags?
Nylon Ripstop Sleeping Bags

There is only one single hammock sleeping bag that has a nylon ripstop liner. Made with breathable material, these sleeping bags won't stick to your skin or make you feel overheated on warmer nights. They are extremely durable to withstand wear and tear. These sleeping bags are moisture wicking, keeping you dry on humid nights. Now that you're more familiar with nylon ripstop, take a look here.

Nylon Sleeping Bags

The following guide will help you narrow down what to keep in mind when considering nylon sleeping bags. You can check out this single hammock sleeping bag if this material is what you're looking for your outdoor excursions. Nylon sleeping bags are very soft, so you'll wake up feeling well rested. They are easy to clean, so with just a damp cloth and a little soap you can keep them in great shape. They are extremely durable, so they can tolerate many years of use without showing any signs of aging. Nylon sleeping bags are designed to be lightweight, so no matter the trail, they won't weigh you down. They dry quickly, so when facing wet conditions, they hardly absorb any moisture.