Sierra Design Zissou Plus 70612316R 30 Degree Polyester Sleeping Bag

5.0 by user reviews

An image of Sierra Design Zissou Plus 70612316R 30 Degree Polyester Sleeping Bag | Expert Camper
  • Designed to compress easily
  • Lightweight build
  • Polyester lining is durable and vibrant
  • Polyester stains frequently
  • Mummy shape is close fitting with no extra room to move
  • Camping sleeping bags are not suitable for hiking
Product Description

If you're looking for a sleeping bag, you will want to consider the Sierra Design Zissou Plus 30 Degree Polyester Mummy Sleeping Bag. This Sierra Design sleeping bag has a polyester lining, which is a synthetic material that is very durable and vibrant, and a polyester exterior, which is breathable and comfortable on your skin. With a mummy shape, it is fitted to prevent warm air from escaping. It has Dridown technology, which will shield the down clusters in your bag from any moisture so that they won't lose their insulating qualities. This sleeping bag is perfect for camping and is lightweight, making it great if your number one priority is low volume and weight. Suitable for 2 seasons, it is great to bring along on late spring or early fall trips, protecting you against chilly weather. It has a compressible design, so you can fit it into your backpack and it will give you sufficient space to take along other gear. This sleeping bag features a 30°F temperature rating, which is designed for retaining warmth, keeping you well-insulated in moderately cold conditions.

Product Information
Brand Sierra Design
Model Number 70612316R
Model Name Zissou Plus
Liner Material Polyester
Number of Seasons 2 season
Temperature Rating 30°F
Use Camping
Shape Mummy
Sleeping Bag Size Single
Color Lime
Technology Features DriDown technology
Size Dimensions 6 ft.