Wildkin Original Kids Cotton Flannel Sleeping Bag

4.9 by user reviews

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  • Can be machine washed
  • Pillow will provide comfortable neck and head support throughout the night
  • Kids design gives better insulation for their smaller bodies
  • Rectangular shape is bulkier than other shapes
  • Poly-cotton is not great for high temperatures
  • Kids will grow out of their children's sleeping bag quickly
Product Description

If you're looking for a sleeping bag for your children, you will want to consider the highly rated Wildkin Original Kids Cotton Flannel Rectangular Sleeping Bag. Great for kids, this Wildkin sleeping bag provides warmth and comfort for your children since the shape is cut to their small size. It features a cotton flannel lining, which allows for increased air circulation and has wicking properties that takes moisture away from the body, and a poly-cotton exterior, which will resist ripping even when camping on rough terrain. It has a rectangular shape, which is symmetrical, so it's easy to pack up and store the sleeping bag. It is made for backpacking, so if weight is a priority, this could be a great option.

This Wildkin sleeping bag can be machine washed, so you can easily clean it at home to ensure your kid's bag stays in the best condition. It is easy to carry for convenient storage and transport. It is easy to clean, so it won't be a huge hassle to rid the bag of any grime, dirt, or stains it may have collected over time. It is easy to pack, so it will conveniently roll up and fit into your child's bag. It has a pillow, which gives your child's head and neck the support it needs during the night.

Product Information
Brand Wildkin
Model Name Original
Liner Material Cotton flannel
Use Backpacking
Shape Rectangle
Sleeping Bag Size Single
Intended User Kids
Included Accessories Pillow
Cleaning Features Machine washing friendly
Convenience Features Easy to carry, Easy to clean, Easy to pack
Warranty 90-day warranty