Abco Tech 20 Degree Polyester Sleeping Bag

4.8 by user reviews

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  • Can be machine washed
  • Designed to be compact, getting rid of the bulk
  • Compresses easily
  • Polyester absorbs grease
  • Rectangular shape is bulkier than other shapes
  • Polyester exterior is not so durable
Product Description

Let's review the Abco Tech 20 Degree Polyester Rectangular Sleeping Bag, rated highly by online shoppers. This Abco Tech sleeping bag has a rectangular shape, which is perfect for those who like room to stretch out. It features a polyester shell, which resists UV light, shielding you from damaging sun rays, and a polyester lining, which is breathable and comfortable on your skin and does not heat up as much as other fabrics while you're sleeping. This Abco Tech sleeping bag can withstand 20°F temperatures, providing you with the warmth you need when temperatures are above freezing. It is made to be compact and features a compressible design, leaving you sufficient extra room to bring along your other essentials. This 4 season sleeping bag is waterproof, making it a good choice for damp environments. It is suitable for hiking and is lightweight, making long days out on the trail easier to tackle. This Abco Tech sleeping bag is easy to carry, designed for convenient storage and transport. It has a compression bag, which will make packing up your bag very easy. This Abco Tech sleeping bag is easy to clean, so you do not need to send it to a professional to maintain its quality and warmth.

Product Information
Brand Abco Tech
Liner Material Polyester
Number of Seasons 4 season
Temperature Rating 20°F
Use Backpacking
Shape Rectangle
Sleeping Bag Size Single
Included Accessories Compression bag
Cleaning Features Machine washing friendly
Convenience Features Easy to carry, Easy to clean
Weather Defense Mechanisms Waterproof