Kelty Satellite 35419611DW 30 Degree Polyester Sleeping Bag

4.6 by user reviews

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  • Lightweight construction
  • Polyester lining is durable and colorfast
  • Polyester shell resists UV rays
  • Polyester is not a recyclable material
  • Camping sleeping bags are not suitable for backpacking
  • Polyester shell is not suitable for extreme weather conditions
Product Description

Sleep comfortably with the Kelty Satellite 30 Degree Polyester Sleeping Bag. This sleeping bag has a polyester lining, and a polyester shell, which will resist UV light, protecting you from damaging sunlight. With a double size, it sleeps two campers, allowing you to keep warm by sharing body heat. It features Cloudloft™ insulation, which retains warmth by combining hollow core and solid core fibers to create ultimate insulation. This sleeping bag has a 30°F temperature rating, which is designed for retaining warmth, keeping you well-insulated in moderately cold conditions. It is designed for camping and is lightweight, making it great if your number one priority is low volume and weight.

Product Information
Brand Kelty
Model Number 35419611DW
Model Name Satellite
Liner Material Polyester
Temperature Rating 30°F
Use Camping
Sleeping Bag Size Double
Color Dark blue
Technology Features Cloudloft™ Insulation
Weight 7.54 pounds