Best Snugpak Summer Sleeping Bags

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Our team has gathered, researched, and analyzed information on plenty of different types of sleeping bags in order to show you our top rated sleeping bags on the market. We then further sub-categorized them and looked more specifically at 3 different Snugpak summer sleeping bags. In our research, we considered a large range of different main features among the 28,000 different data parameters and combined it with customer reviews to inform you of the top Snugpak summer sleeping bags available. But don't just take our word for it, check out some of the benefits and disadvantages of some of the main specs.

If you're thinking about buying a Snugpak summer sleeping bag, it is helpful to first learn more about Snugpak. The company was established in 1977 and has been devoted to bring comfort and quality to outdoor enthusiasts ever since. Snugpak has an extensive line of sleeping bags, committing to provide shoppers with versatile and professional outdoor equipment. With the option of buying sleeping bags in stores or online, Snugpak offers you the best of both worlds, whether you like shopping from the convenience of your home or prefer trying the options out yourself. Creating innovative features, such as Paratex Steelplate, Paratex Light, Reflectatherm, Softie®, and MultiCam®, Snugpak is at the forefront of creating more durable, insulated, and comfortable sleeping bags. The company specializes in making outdoor apparel, jackets, rucksacks, tents, hammocks, and camping accessories in addition to sleeping bags. Snugpak has a wide selection of sleeping bags on the market, such as Snugpak summer sleeping bags.

Summer sleeping bags are more affordable, so you can save money without compromising on quality. They come with a breathable design, so they will prevent condensation from building up inside the bag on hot nights. These sleeping bags have a lighter design, so if weight is a priority for you this is a great choice. They feature multiple ventilation options for warmer nights, so the top third can be folded down if you get overheated.

Our Top Ranking Sleeping Bags:
Our Top Ranking Sleeping Bags
Customer Rating
Customer Rating
Customer Rating
Best Overall Score
An image of Snugpak Travelpak Traveler Paratex Light Sleeping Bag

With an excellent user rating, the Snugpak Travelpak Traveler Paratex Light Rectangular Sleeping Bag could be exactly what you need for your next outdoor adventure. This sleeping bag has a rectangular shape, which is non-tapered, allowing you freedom of movement in your sleep. It has a Paratex light lining and a polyester shell, which is breathable and comfortable. Suitable for summer, it is built with a light design that focuses on breathability and ventilation, which is perfect for warmer weather. Designed with antibacterial technology, it reduces bacterial growth on the fabric and eliminates unwanted odors.

Featuring a lightweight build, this sleeping bag won't be difficult for you to carry. It detaches via zippers, so you can split it into two separate sleeping bags. Designed to help protect you from pesky insects so you can get a good night's sleep, it has a mosquito net, so you can get a good night's sleep without worrying about insect bites. This sleeping bag has a stuff sack, which will keep your pack organized.

    • Mosquito net prevents insect bites
    • Stuff sack stores sleeping bags easily
    • Lightweight construction
    • Rectangular shape is not very insulated
    • Polyester exterior is not great for extreme weather camping
    • Stuff sack can damage the sleeping bag's insulation after prolonged use
Runner Up
An image of Snugpak 40 Degree Paratex Light Sleeping Bag

With the Snugpak 40 Degree Paratex Light Mummy Sleeping Bag, you can experience a great night's sleep while on your weekend away. This sleeping bag has a mummy shape, which is wider on top and more tapered by the feet, keeping warm air close to your body. It features a paratex exterior and a Paratex light lining, which will keep you sleeping fresh and cool due to the wicking properties of the liner. Ideal for summer, it is extremely thin and airy since it does not require as much insulation as winter or 3 season versions. This sleeping bag can withstand 40°F temperatures, keeping you warm on colder summer nights. Designed with antibacterial technology, it reduces bacterial growth and eliminates unwanted odors. Featuring a compact design, it cuts down the volume your bag takes up in your pack. It has a mosquito net for protection from insect bites when sleeping in the outdoors.

    • Folds up compactly
    • Mosquito net prevents bug bites
    • Designed especially for summer weather
    • Mummy shape does not have extra space to move around
    • Mosquito net is difficult to fix if ripped
Additional Picks
An image of Snugpak Sleeper Lite Sleeping Bag

With a high user rating, the Snugpak Sleeper Lite Mummy Sleeping Bag could be exactly what you need for your next outdoor adventure. This sleeping bag has a mummy shape, which is wider on top and more tapered on the bottom, keeping warm air closer to you. It is lightweight, so you can take it on all your adventures without being weighed down. This 2 season sleeping bag is built for summer for maximizing ventilation to keep you comfortable during warm weather.

    • Lightweight build
    • Suitable for warm temperatures
    • Mummy shape has excellent insulation
    • Mummy shape restricts different sleeping positions
What Else to Look For When Buying Your Next Snugpak Summer Sleeping Bag:
A Handful of Shapes That Snugpak Summer Sleeping Bags Come in
Rectangular Sleeping Bags

Looking to buy a new sleeping bag that will offer tons of room to stretch out? We have two rectangle sleeping bags available. Click here to have a look at one now. Rectangular sleeping bags have a spacious design, so they are suitable for people who feel too confined by the tight mummy shape. They accommodate varying sleeping positions, so if you move around a lot at night, you'll have the space and freedom to sleep in any position you choose. With double zippers, they are perfect for a cozy night of sleeping for two as you can attach two sleeping bags to each other. However, they are quite heavy, so they are often bulkier and less comfortable to carry long distances. Also, rectangular sleeping bags are less ideal for cold weather, allowing the cool air to circulate since they have a more spacious design.

Mummy Sleeping Bags

Trying to pick the most suitable mummy sleeping bag for you? We'll help you make your decision by providing you with the facts. Mummy sleeping bags weigh less than rectangular bags, so they are best when you need maximum warmth for minimal weight. Ideal for cold weather, they help trap body heat. However, they provide less space to move around, making them less suitable for sleepers who toss and turn. Decided on which shape is right for you? Then why not start by looking at this exciting choice.